In Breganze, a town of little more than eight thousand inhabitants in the province of Vicenza, on a hill of volcanic origin, there is a historic family-run winery that has become a real must-see for wine lovers and winegrowing tradition : The Cantina Firmino Miotti.

The company is managed in symbiosis by Firmino, who follows with great passion, the vineyard, with his wife Pina, and the intriguing production vivacity of Franca, responsible for the winery.

Firmino Miotti

Firmino, the owner of the winery, took over the reins and took charge of the activity at a young age, in the fifties, after the death of his father, from then on, he has taken care with extreme finesse and attention of the family land, keeping the viticultural traditions of the past handed down to him by his grandfather, but at the same time always looking towards the contemporary, in order to always supply his faithful clientele products of the highest quality.

The viticulture for Firmino Miotti is more than a trade, it is an art that requires scrupulous attention and total dedication to the final product, and it was this dedication of the Miotti family that made the winery and its fine products known to the great public.

Firmino and Franca, however, have never neglected a family reception… even though they have become accustomed to receiving at their company public figures related to the sphere of culture and entertainment in Vicenza including: Ugo Tognazzi, Monica Vitti, Marcella Pobbe. And they always welcome with great warmth and without prejudice anyone who decides, for one reason or another, to go to their cellar.

The company, now known nationally, has decided to distinguish itself by making its main objective the safeguard of varieties of ancient vines of the Breganze area. For example the Gruajo, ruby wine tending to garnet already present in the eighteenth century. The Pedevendo , a very rare type of white grape cultivated almost exclusively by the Miotti company for over a century. The Sampagna, white wine made from 100% white Marzemina grapes, whose first historical records are ascertained date back to 1679, or the Groppello, whose etymology is traced back to the Venetian verb “ingropare”, that is to tie the gums, due to the fact that the wine has a high tannicity and whose first appearance in the territories of Breganze seems to date back to the fourteenth century.

The Miotti family has therefore always wanted to remain closely linked to the tradition of the land and to the products of the past and to carry on varieties typical of the area that otherwise would have been lost over time.

The story of Firmino and his wife Pina is also reported in the book by the Vicenza writer Virgilio Scapin, “I Magnasoete” or, “the eater of owls”, where the winemaker mentioned is certainly not a character of invention, but Firmino , which has always fought for the enhancement of the territory and its products through his passionate work.

Franca Miotti

In ‘ 92 Franca became a sommelier and began her experience as a taster. She graduated in Padua with a Political Science/ Economy major and in 1996 she began to work steadily in her father’s company. She first took care of the business aspect. In 1997 she enrolled in viticulture and oenology courses at the Ecole D’oenologie of the University of Bordeaux II in France. She took tasting and panel testing courses.

Since the year 2000, after attending the Fini Special School in enology at the University of Padua in Conegliano, she began working steadily in the family business, where she now assumes the role of cellar manager.

Franca has always supported her father’s choices to maintain the production of ancient vine varieties of the territory of Breganze, but has also brought a modern vision to the company, for example by introducing the use of wood in the refinement process of certain varieties of wine.

Her tireless work and complete dedication have already enabled her in 2002 to obtain the first gold honor to the selection of wines of the triveneto held in Treviso with the “Valletta,” (an elegant and balanced red wine, excellent for accompanying meat and seasoned cheese.)

Committed to promoting the entire Doc Breganze area, she has been a founding member and promoter of the Magnifica Fraglia del Torcolato since 2002 and has been the Prior since 2015.

The Miotti winery has always participated with a careful selection of wines at events and affairs of national and international character, such as Vinitaly, (the most important event concerning wine in our area,) where they bring the flavors to the public with pride and the winegrowing traditions of Breganze.

The history of the Miotti farm, by firmino, Pina and Franca are a good example of how the passion for its own production and the attention to the preservation of the biodiversity ancient techniques and avant-garde commercial visions can give exceptional results.

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